Reality check. Accepting. Embracing flaws (yours and others)

I reach many conclusions in life and one recent conclusion is that we all have flaws. We all have differences. We all have demons. Being able to embrace those flaws and demons is a hard task for many of us to master. We all think our way is the right way but as we learn more we realize that there is no one way to win. No one way to do things. There are ways we are taught and things we learn in our childhood for example that do not translate to who we are today and how we approach things in life right now. One of the main things I want to stress here is to question everything. Sometimes you will have to question things over and over in order to find the truth. The thing about truth is that it’s only truth until you find more facts that make it a non truth. Shifting and changing over time is a natural state of life. Things evolve and things change. As they change you have to be willing to change with them.  

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