Persistence, Principles, Persisting and Resisting

I believe that determination and constant effort are required to make things happen in life. I believe that you must be putting forth constant effort in a very persistent, almost annoyingly persistent, manner.

You want a job? You have to be present… and I don’t mean in some mindfulness way, although this is also true. You must also have your focus and determination set on what you want of course, and then you just show up, every day, with resume in hand. Almost as if you already have the job and you are simply awaiting your uniform to arrive in the mail or you are waiting for them to finish decorating your new office so you can finally occupy it. You have to mentally already have the job.

The thing you so eagerly desire you must treat as if it is already yours; as if you have already won the interview. This is no guarantee but it is a very solid approach.

You must also realize that if ultimately you do not get the job, there must be some reason outside of your choice that is preventing this from happening. It is at this very moment when all of your senses should be heightened and you should scan your surroundings for the door which has opened as a result of the door which has just closed. You will see it, maybe not glaringly but it will appear.

Resist the idea that life owes you anything in return for your efforts. The sweat on your brow should be reward enough. The pain in your muscles; the dirt under your fingernails; the pure satisfaction of seeing your project one step further along it’s path. Rejoice in this small victory and use the fuel from the still smoldering ashes as the ignition of more fuel (more effort); more wood on top of the warm coals in the morning.

Build your fire each day so that there will be a warm bed of coals left the next morning which require only fresh wood and a little gust of wind from your lungs in order to re-ignite the flames… and rejoice that you are given another day of warmth, of fire, of light.