The Bottom Line – In Business, Professional life, Family life or any other facet of your life:

No matter where you are in your life, family or business, there will always be some room for improvement and tweaking along the way.  You can be satisfied, but can you also find ways to make your life the most enjoyable life ever? I am not here to sell you on some pie-in-the-sky idea, on the contrary, I am here to share with you some of my experiences and knowledge that have been passed on to me in the form of Audio, Video, Books, Documentaries, and real life.  I am here learning about the fundamentals of having an amazing life.  I do this by taking months of reading and finding correlations in the messages in order to provide snippets of useful information that are easier to digest.  We all live busy lives and I can’t stress the importance of expanding your knowledge base.  I hope through this medium I am able to entice all of you to look deeper and start asking the better questions in the hopes that better answers will materialize.  Although I am not perfect, I am working on it every single day.  I do all of this with the intention of improving my life and the lives of those around me as much as I can every single day.  Visit often and leave feedback so that I can try to provide you the best and most relevant information possible.  Thank you so much for blessing me with your presence!





Being healthy is a subjective construct. It is different from person to person.  Finding the best things for your particular lifestyle is a matter of experimenting and seeing how your overall health responds.  Health is not just physical but also encompasses the emotional, mental, and spiritual realms of being.  Your overall health is in direct relation to your overall fulfillment in life.  This means your happiness and stress can directly influence your physical health.  Be watchful of these things as you grow.
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Wealth is the key to feeling better, am I right?  Not necessarily.  Most people are on the upward slope to feeling better with financial wealth until they hit around the $70K income mark. Beyond $70K, the money ceases to improve your overall happiness.  Wealth is also not just a measure of money but all of the resources you cherish: time, relationships, intelligence, charisma.  How wealthy are you today?  How wealthy do you want to become?
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The direction you choose will take you to the destination you seek.  Happiness in Business, Real Estate, or Life can be mastered through daily practice.  Humbleness, humility, gratitude, spirituality are some of the things that I have found that have the most impact on personal and business relationships.  Experiment and find what makes you feel amazing!
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